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Business Forum want prosperous community

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Transcript of video:

SABC News Reader: Mafube Business Forum in the free state argues to be included in the running of this struggling municipality.

SABC Presenter voice-over: Problems are still continuing under this municipality which was placed under administration, service delivery still remains a major concern even after the government tried to intervene, Mafube Business Forum says members of the community must be part of the committee that oversees how the municipality funds are used to develop the community.

Resident of Mafube 1: We assist with collection of dustbins as an organization called Vula-Vala group and we seek municipality assistance.

Resident of Mafube 2: Our road are not in perfect condition, when it's raining it's hard to get to work or schools.

SABC Presenter voice-over: Mafube Business Forum says the municipality failed to hold onto an agreement made with the residents

Mr Jannie Schabort, Chairperson, MBF: We didn't hear anything back from them, after we had reached a consensus and agreed that it is fair and profitable for the community and all the stakeholders.

Mr Mokete Duma, HOD Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs: Government doesn't argue with this opinion from the forum.

Prof. Sethulego Matebesi, Expert in Local Politics: The law allows the residents to participate in the running of the municipality but not take control over the municipality.

SABC Presenter voice-over: Forum says they were forced to take the matter further to the court of law.

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