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MBF – thinking global, acting local.

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

MBF – thinking global, acting local. Although Mafube Business Forum (MBF) was only recently established, our achievements have already drawn nationwide attention. Our efforts to date in pushing for positive change have been widely recognised and serve as a model for other towns and communities that are under similar pressure. It is very clear that the future of our towns does not depend on politicians and centralised decision-making, but rather on community participation and involvement in organisations that are capable of adopting progressive global principles, yet care for and act at a local level.

We believe that MBF offers benefits to the larger community, but especially to businesses within the Mafube area; even more so to those adversely affected by the COVID-19 regulations. Business owners, managers and entrepreneurs are therefore invited to consider these benefits: What membership can mean for you

• Fruitful contact with business people in the organised business world is offered to members of MBF, thereby keeping you abreast of new trends and developments.

• Members can contact MBF for information and guidance, or for contact with other organisations and institutions.

• Close liaison with the agricultural and related sectors.

• Members enjoy free publicity and access to new goodwill through increased awareness.

• Access to legal aid and applicable legislation.

• Organised action carries more weight than the voice of the individual. MBF is the channel through which every businessperson and business enterprise can make use of organised action for its own benefit and for the benefit of business in general.

• MBF has close links with government departments at every level and is recognised as representing the local business community. You can therefore help make important decisions in the interest of the community.

• Integration into the community - especially for new businesses.

• MBF arranges business lectures and functions so that members and their spouses can socialise with fellow members.

• MBF members will receive membership certificates and window stickers as identification and status of their membership.

The benefits that MBF membership holds for business people are evident from the wide scope of MBF's activities and the way in which it represents the interests of business people in all areas of society. The value it has for a member depends on the support given to the business forum and how actively the services are used by a member.

Join MBF now by sending a WhatsApp to Marlize Boshoff on 082 870 1344 or sending an email to

Jannie Schabort

Chairperson MBF


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