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MBF's week-long opinion poll was successfully concluded at midnight on 14 October 2022 by an independent specialist organisation. Its objective was to determine what the feeling of the "silent majority" is about the prevailing state of affairs within Mafube Local Municipality.

Sampling was conducted among more than 1,000 residents, business owners and taxpayers. Participants could choose from 3 options, including;

1. I support MBF's pursuit of sustainable solutions and agree that national intervention must be obtained through a court application. 2. Just let the process continue as it is now, it will work itself out in time. 3. Leave it to the politicians - they are the elected representatives and know what they are doing.

An astonishingly high feedback percentage of 56.9% was obtained, which clearly spells out that the community feel very strongly about the matter. A total of 601 votes (97.25%) voted in favor of Option 1, while 10 people (1.62%) are satisfied with the status quo. Only 7 votes (1.13%) were in favour of Option 3.

MBF thanks everyone who participated in the poll. The results speak for themselves that there is broad support for further legal action to obtain sustainable solutions for Mafube.

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