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SA can't pull off democratic change without you. So, let's make a deal?

At News24, our newsrooms are gearing up for the most significant vote since 1994, when South Africa achieved democracy. We are completely committed to bringing you the facts as they unfold over the next eight months.

And as we prepare for a rollercoaster election season, we want to make a deal with you and the millions of South Africans who visit our digital pages every day. 

Our side of the deal is to hold South Africa’s political elite to account as they bend the facts, change their stories, make false promises and avoid accountability.

We will fairly and responsibly cover all the political players on next year’s ballot, analyse and interrogate their manifestos and fact-check grandiose claims made by our political actors.

For democracy to work, everyone needs to participate. And this is where your side of the deal comes in.

We're asking our readers to take one simple step: commit to casting your vote in 2024. By clicking the pledge button below, you're making an active decision to use your trump card for change when we go to the polls.

If enough South Africans are unhappy with the status quo, shifting our future isn't impossible.

Your vote matters. It mattered in 1994. It mattered in 2004. It mattered in 2014. And it matters now.

Do we have a deal? Let's make it official. 

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