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Villiers SAPS - one of the best police stations in the Free State?

On Thursday evening 9 December, the Security Meeting of Sector 2 took place at the Villiers police station. The meeting was attended by residents, representatives of security companies and local businesses, represented by Mafube Business Forum (MBF).

Captain Gert Ludick, station commander of SAPS Villiers, gave an overview of crime statistics by means of a Powerpoint presentation. The crime situation is generally stable and well under control with some areas of concern, especially during times of load shedding. It was also found that the heavy rains experienced in the region had an impact, with more alcohol-related acts of violence reported during these times, occurring mostly indoors.

2 local businesses were affected by burglaries but the goods were quickly recovered and the suspects arrested

The crime pattern analysis did not reveal any new trends and only a slight seasonal increase in crime activity is found but the situation is constantly monitored. Residents and business owners should still be on their guard and report suspicious activity.

Hijackings on N3

Captain Ludick explained that only 2 incidents had recently occurred in the area and that it was not related to the "Blue Light" hijackings that were reported in the media. However, it remains worrying and for that reason a specialist SAPS team has been appointed to patrol the highway. This team visits Villiers Police Station regularly and there is good co-operation with Villiers SAPS.

More cameras will systematically be installed throughout the area which will eventually be monitored centrally. The 3 cameras already installed had a noticeable effect on reducing crime in the area. Captain Ludick mentioned that more businesses need to attend the Sector Meeting and steps need to be taken to ensure their attendance - MBF has undertaken to advise its members.

MBF expresses its thanks and praise to Captain Ludick and his team for the good work being done to keep residents of Villiers and the surrounding area, as well as businesses safe. The statistics indicate that SAPS Villiers is doing particularly well in crime prevention and is seen as one of the best managed police stations in the Free State, if not the whole country.

Please visit MBF at 18A Church Street, Frankfort where we will assist you with any municipal matters. (Office reopens on January 3, 2022) You can also send an email to or a WhatsApps to 079 145 4295.

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