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Membership Tiers For Businesses

Membership of MBF offer the following for you to consider:

1.  Being an MBF Member Gives You Credibility:

MBF have a reputation for standing up for the local community and its economy. When your business is associated with our name, it gives the perception that you stand for these things, too. As a result, consumers trust you more, leading to more positive impressions of your business. Those seeking products or services related to your own, will lean more toward your brand when faced with various options.

2.  MBF Memberships Provide Exposure:


Gaining exposure is hard, especially if you’re a new business. You have to find ways to permeate your brand into the community so consumers know who you are and what you offer. Through MBF membership, you gain resources that make this much easier. If you browse the MBF website, you’ll note that we house a digital directory. Members are featured on these directories, which are used frequently by individuals and businesses within the area. New members are also often given various forms of exposure when they sign on for the first time. This may include exposure through physical newsletters, e-newsletters, social media posts, and other forms of publication.

3.  MBF Membership Provide Numerous Networking Opportunities


There is no lack of networking opportunities through MBF membership. From committees to mixers to ribbon cuttings and more, you’ll find various opportunities to connect with other businesses every single month. Most of these events are free or heavily discounted to members, making them an affordable way to network. The connections you make through MBF membership can lead to new customers or partnerships. MBF is a community within itself. It brings its members together to not only benefit the community but also to benefit each other. Through various events, you will meet, network, and connect with a wide array of influential professionals. It’s up to you to make the connection, of course, but the opportunities are aplenty. Many businesses grow their customer base and their network through forum-sponsored or hosted events.


4.  MBF have an Influential Voice on Large-Scale Issues


MBF does more than serve as a marketing vehicle for local businesses. It has an important role in local government affairs as well. MBF serves as a voice for the local business owners and industries. This includes addressing issues that may arise with new regulations, fees, taxes, costs, or assessments applicable to the businesses they serve. When you join MBF, you become a part of that voice. Your role is relevant and your opinion becomes part of the many contributed voices that form MBF’s views.


5.  MBF Members are Kept in the Loop of Local Business News


Running a business is more than a full-time job. With so much to do, it can be difficult to keep up with what’s going on outside your company’s walls. MBF will make it easier. Through our weekly media statements and regular newsletters, we update our members on various news and issues that are happening within the community, as well as spotlight features or new businesses that may pique your interest. It’s a great way to stay connected, even when you’re on the go.

6.  MBF Memberships Open Doors to Referrals


Part of MBF’s job is linking companies and individuals to the resources they are seeking. This includes a slew of calls and e-mails, some of which may be looking for a solution that your product or service can offer. When you’re an MBF member, you become one of the organisation’s resources. When a need arises that your business can help fill, MBF is likely to refer you. Why? Because that’s part of MBF’s core mission. We support our members just as your membership supports our daily operation.

7.  There are Numerous Opportunities to Engage the Community


MBF actively arranges and execute events, many of which are covered by the press. By becoming an active member who attends, sponsors, or hosts these events, you can get your moment in the spotlight as well. They are great opportunities for positive exposure. Engage your community and make a difference while promoting your business at the same time. It’s a win-win advantage


8.  You Have Affordable Access to Promotional Tools


MBF offers assistance with business- and marketing plans, promotion, and publicity packages to help you grow your business. This may include an arrangement of sponsorships or advertising. Members are offered these packages at a price that is often much lower than what it would typically cost to execute. It’s a perk for being part of the MBF’s organisation. 

9. Membership Fees and Contributions are Deductible

MBF is registered with SARS and qualifies as a PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) and is authorised to issue Section 18 (a) certificates, to enable companies and individuals to deduct their contributions (in cash and kind) from income tax. 

MBF make provision for a tiered subscription for membership, in order to make belonging affordable for smaller businesses.



MBF are also keen to get nationally-represented businesses and corporations on board as sponsors. In this instance sponsorship packages will be prepared for your consideration. While local membership benefits are not really intended for large nationals- or international corporations and groups of companies, MBF will still communicate and provide services where desired.Sponsors may choose to fund MBF day to day operations or specific programs and projects.Through association with MBF, corporate organisations will benefit from our projects where we will give recognition and prominence to sponsors through branding and advertising, to increase awareness, exposure and brand legitimisation; ultimately leading to attracting new customers and improved brand perception.

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