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On a freezing cold evening, burning questions were asked and vexing issues were clarified about the electricity distribution and supply in Mafube - now and going forward.

Explained by Chris Bosch, Chief Executive Officer of Rural Free State (RFS), Mafube will soon no longer have to succumb to the pressure that load shedding places on businesses and households. RFS along with some local businesses and individuals have built a solar farm outside Frankfort with a view to providing electricity to a planned new development. While technical and administrative detail regarding the development is sorted out, South Africa's load shedding has escalated to a level where it is causing serious damage to the economy.

Instead of the power generated by the solar farm going lost RFS believe the community would benefit being able to use it. With the further deterioration of power supply in SA, it was realized that RFS could also offer solutions for power supply at night. The solution is a battery farm that will provide power to the town while the sun is not shining. Because the batteries will be purchased on a large scale, it is more affordable for the user. A bonus is that 50% of the financing costs are pre-approved - thanks to negotiation by RFS with major banking institutions.

The end result for all the residents and businesses of Mafube will be that they will not have to worry about load shedding schedules, generators and other sources of electricity. Where households can bathe, cook and wash clothes at normal times, businesses' machines and refrigerators can work as and when needed. That everyone only has to do what he is supposed to do, RFS will take care of the solar farm and battery plant, regarding installation and maintenance.

The end will also be that the asset will belong to the community, to the extent that they participate.

Use this link to see what cost would be applicable to your property:

A big thank you to Frankfort Gholf Club for the use of their facilities.

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