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Mafube Landfill - Another Environmental Disaster!

Mafube Business Forum (MBF) reported last week on the illegal sewage spill in the Wilge River for which there is still no accountability or sense of duty at Mafube Local Municipality where it involves the protection of the community and the environment.

Just a year ago, on 26 July 2020, the media reported on the extremely poor management of the Frankfort landfill and the danger of pollution it poses to the Wilge River and the entire community. The matter was brought to the attention of the Free State MEC involved in small business development, tourism and environmental affairs, Makalo Mohale but it is very clear that nothing came of it. There is still chaotic conditions at all the landfills under the control of Mafube Local Municipality, where all environmental management regulations are disregarded and for which there are still no licenses in place. Despite spending R17M at the Villiers site, the situation is by no means better, proving that it is not a matter of funding at all, but rather a lack of good governance, sense of duty and accountability.

AfriForum recently compiled a report after an audit was conducted at Frankfort and 23 other Free State landfill sites and found that none of the sites complied with the minimum requirements of the National Environmental Management: Refuse Act (Act no. 59 of 2008).

MBF shares the opinion of Mr. Lambert de Klerk, Manager of Environmental Affairs at AfriForum, who says “The poor percentage can be attributed to various problems experienced by municipalities that lead to the poor and illegal management of our landfills. Misappropriation of funds, poor maintenance and a lack of competent staff are just some of the problems we face on a daily basis. The biggest challenge is that there are officials in municipalities who know their poor management has no consequences for them. It is worrying to know that the majority of landfill sites in South Africa do not even meet the minimum requirements, but at the same time it is understandable as no municipality is held accountable for the mismanagement. ”

MBF also supports the proposal to establish waste monitoring committees for landfills to hold municipal officials accountable. Communities can take the following steps to achieve sustainable improvements at a landfill:

• Communities need to put pressure on municipalities to set up waste monitoring committees. • A meeting must be held once a month where the condition of the landfill site is discussed and goals are set with achievable periods. • Build good relationships with the municipalities and relevant role players. • Insist on the appointment of a reliable service provider who is competent to do the job. • Apply sustainable pressure through the waste monitoring committee to ensure that the goals set are achieved. • Participate full-time in the Community Development Plan (IDP) and list the issues surrounding the sites.

MBF invites residents, business owners and taxpayers who want to get involved in community initiatives to visit our offices at 18A Church Street Frankfort, during our business hours, Mondays to Thursdays from 08:30 to 16:00, Fridays from 08:30 to 12:30. Also contact Marina via WhatsApp at 079 145 4295 or send an email to

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