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Municipal Election - an analysis

As Mafube Business Forum has repeatedly stated on public platforms, the MBF is an apolitical organization that acts according to a proper constitution and code of ethics; at all times in the interest of the community.

It goes without saying that a municipal council forms an important link within local government. Here, policies are formed and legally determined, which have a direct effect on the community with regard to service delivery, economic development and job creation. These factors determine the climate for local businesses to thrive, grow economically and increase investment, to the benefit of all. In the case of Mafube, this is the main reason for the stagnant local economy.

It is very clear that the downfall of the dysfunctional Mafube municipality, which is still artificially maintained, was caused by, not only large-scale corruption and incompetence, but largely by political interference and the toxic culture of political patronage. Therefore, it remains the opinion of MBF that politics does not belong at the local level, and why we strongly support the idea of ​​an independent Council.

* As in many other rural towns, the ruling party still stands strong and the ANC retains the majority of votes in the Council, although support dropped from 75.65% in 2016 to 56.98%. The 2nd largest party within the Council is currently the EFF, which has grown strongly and almost doubled their votes with 14.31% of votes. The FF +'s support also grew strongly from 2.83% to 9.40%, while the DA was the big loser with a decrease from 13.45% in 2016 to 8.49% in 2021. It is clear that the DA lost many votes to the FF +, but this resulted in the EFF now being the official opposition in the Council of Mafube. As it currently stands, the Council will be composed of the following number of councilors: 10 ANC, 3 EFF, 2 FF and 2 DA.

The surprise is the independent vote that could only garner votes in wards, but still walked away with 11.01% - more than both the FF + and DA. If the independents could also count on proportional votes, it could easily have been the opposition in the Board of Mafube. Considering that independents only had 6 weeks to prepare themselves and could not rely on party machinery, they did particularly well and would pose a serious threat, especially to the ANC.

The turnout in Mafube is still low and on top of that, 3,174 fewer people voted this year than in 2016.

* Source IEC web page. Figures and percentages mentioned are for ward and proportional votes.

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