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As part of a community that needs definite action and results from their municipality, MBF together with Netelek acquired a platform to assist the municipality in doing that.

Itn the aim improving service delivery within Mafube Local Municipality, it is time to take action and participate.

How? A fault reporting application (app) is provided by Netelek and enables the Mafube community to report data on faults within the area. The app gives the opportunity to indicate the position on a map and add photos of the problem.

The more information we have the better equipped Mafube will be to bring these faults to the attention of the responsible people.


There will soon also be a specific section for inquiries about load-shedding. In the meantime, you can select "other", and write your query in the section allowed for it.

If you have any further questions, please visit our website or contact us. / / 079 145 4295

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