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Service Delivery – share your experience with us

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

In light of Mafube Local Municipality’s continued failure to meet its constitutional obligations with regards to service delivery and their apparent unwillingness to adhere to legislation in terms of public participation, MBF have embarked on a campaign to step up our efforts to effect measures for the improvement of accountability among municipal officials and councilors.

We now require the assistance of our residents, ratepayers and business owners, to quantify and record the extent of the collapse of municipal services and infrastructure, and would like to encourage our entire community to get involved and contribute by sharing their experiences in writing with us or to send in their photographs, video- and audio clips to us.

We need images of:

· uncollected rubbish in our streets;

· sewerage spills in our suburbs and streets;

· state of refuse collection sites;

· illegal dumping;

· unrepaired potholes and trenches in our streets;

· water leaks;

· pollution in public spaces and in our rivers;

· stray animals;

· uncontrolled and illegal building and additions; and/or

· anything else that affects the quality of life in our community, in terms of health, safety and security.

Please submit by e-mail to or WhatsApp to 083 456 3252

Kindly be assured that all submissions will be treated confidentially.

Jacques Jansen van Vuuren – Liaison Officer, Mafube Business Forum


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