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Great Development is Coming!

During a public meeting on Monday 27 September, Mafube Business Forum (MBF) announced plans for large-scale economic development for the entire Mafube region.

Given the recent instability in a number of provinces amid an ever-shrinking national economy highlighting the unemployment issue, economic development and job creation are some of the biggest challenges we face in this country and in our region . This has already been identified with the establishment of MBF and from the outset, ways were explored and models proposed to create a favorable business climate within the Mafube region, by attracting industries and investments to our region. MBF regards sustainable and sufficient water, energy and human resources as the most important building blocks to get a local, rural economy up and running. In this respect, the Mafube region has a competitive edge but is still dependent on an expensive and unreliable national electricity network that hinders development.

By implementing a progressive and innovative way of thinking, MBF has concluded an agreement that will serve our mission to attract development and investment to our region. As a first step, MBF is working with Rural Free State (RFS) and Frankfort Solar (Pty) Ltd, on the first phase of a massive 3.66 MW energy generation project that is expected to start during October 2021, on the farm Strasburg on the suburbs of Frankfort. Further phases will follow in 2022. The effect of this is an immediate and significant reduction in the dependence on the national network, with a concomitant reduction in distribution costs, which in turn will eventually lead to greater reliability and lower costs for end-users, especially for business users. owners. The shareholding subscription in Frankfort Solar from the community is complete for the start of the current first phase in October, but with further expansion, more opportunities for local investors will emerge.

A unique solar solution for businesses and residents

MBF also now offers a unique solution for residents and business owners who are considering investing in solar power for their homes or businesses. Members of MBF (families and businesses) can now buy 'virtual' solar power allocation in modules / units of 1 kW each at a reasonable rate, without all the potential problems associated with installing solar power systems at their homes or businesses. Customers as MBF members, who exercise this option, therefore in fact use electricity that is actually generated elsewhere (at the central RFS site), at their registered address, with any surplus exported to RFS against the current small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) export tariffs.

Interested parties are invited to contact MBF. Please visit the MBF offices at 18 Church Street in Frankfort, or send an email to WhatsApps can also be sent to 079 145 4295.

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