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There can be no denying that load shedding has a massive negative impact on the economy of our Mafube region. We have seen a number of small businesses close their doors which led to an increase in unemployment, already at an unacceptably high level. It is the mission of Mafube Business Forum (MBF) to strive for prosperity and opportunities for all within our community. It's about more than just being load-shedding-free - our bigger goal is not just to survive but to create an environment for doing good business. And in turn attract more investment to our region and stimulate job-creation.


Mafube Business Forum (MBF) in cooperation with Rural Free State (RFS) have just launched THE Mafube Phela! community program which is aimed at making the entire Mafube municipal area load shedding-free.

The trial period conducted in the Frankfort CBD has delivered excellent results and has proven that the solution, utilising “dispatchable” on-demand energy to complement solar and Eskom power, is feasible and sustainable. Moreover, it is affordable and easily done.


What is Mafube Phela!


We must emphasise that this is a community project and requires active participation from our local residents and businesses – the more of us on board, the lower the costs for everyone and the sooner our whole region will be load shedding-free. This does entail an additional amount added to your electrical bill every month which varies according to consumption. This liability is far outweighed by the benefits of participation.


Some of the benefits:


  • Improve productivity and service delivery for businesses;

  • no need for costly generators, inverters and the maintenance thereof;

  • improved security – systems are always on;

  • reduced theft of electrical infrastructure and cables because these are always energised;

  • cost savings on energy consumption due to fewer startups; and

  • electrical equipment last longer.


How to participate


Signing up is straight forward. As a first step, contact our team by the following means:

  1. e-mail an enquiry to

  2. Send an enquiry via WhatsApp to 079 145 4295

  3. Follow the link via the QR code below or on notices posted at participating businesses, leaflets distributed throughout Mafube, in local newspapers, or on various Facebook pages.

Click here to access FAQs: 

Residents and business owners will be kept informed and constantly updated on the progress.

For further information and participation, e-mail or WhatsApp message/call 079 145 4295 visit our website and follow us on Facebook.

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