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Support of Independent Candidates

As Mafube Business Forum (MBF) has reported several times elsewhere, for examaple in Frankfort Herald, we remain an apolitical organization, but see value in working with institutions and individuals who share our goals in local government.

MBF believes that party politics does not belong within a municipal council and that the establishment of independent councilors with no obligations to political big bosses will pave the way for a better Mafube. When MBF was approached in September this year by a group of independent candidates for help, MBF used its expertise and experience to provide assistance to the group; as we are obligated under our constitution.

MBF provided conditional support to the group and facilitated funding by local businesses. Various businesses and individuals who share the views of MBF have made donations that have enabled the independent group to compete on an equal footing with political parties. We thank you for this.

MBF adheres to its apolitical principles and will therefore not commit the organization to any political statements and / or actions in which independent candidates may be involved. MBF wishes them all the best in the upcoming election and trusts that they will receive great support from the community and make us proud.

Feel free to visit MBF today at 18A Church Street, Frankfort. You can also send an email to or a WhatsApps to 079 145 4295.

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