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The Phantom Refuse Truck

Letter from anonymous Mafube-resident

A strange phenomenon was reported by a number of residents of Villiers who all had the same bizarre experience – akin to a UFO sighting or that of a spectre, or an otherworldly being.

It has been almost 3 years since the municipality’s refuse removal service disappeared altogether from all of Mafube’s towns. Since that time, residents and business owners made their own plans and a small number of local entrepreneurs stepped up to perform an effective and efficient service at minimal cost. Life carried on peacefully.

This all changed recently, when the haunting started in the shape of a mysterious Phantom Refuse Truck. Locals have seen similar trucks before but this one is clearly different. It is described as a menacing large white machine which suddenly appears, seemingly out of nowhere and without warning,amid a cloud of dust, just to disappears again as quickly -too quick for anyone to get more than a fleeting glance, never mind challenging its purpose or its reason for being.

A disturbing image of it was captured recently, where it seemingly took a rest at a site in Villiers. Experts remain baffled however, since the truck cannot be identified in any way – there are no markings nor any registration number as is evident in the photograph.

Will the Phantom Refuse Truck stay for long? Will it continue its haunting in Villiers or will it move on elsewhere?

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