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On Wednesday 10 April, representatives from 3 other Free State towns gathered in Frankfort for a mini-summit to share their experiences and jointly discuss proposed solutions to halt deterioration in their towns and to achieve economic growth.

Jannie Schabort, chairman of Mafube Business Forum (MBF) welcomed the teams from Bothaville, Brandfort and Reitz and kicked off the workshop by explaining how the forum came about and what successes had been achieved during the past 5 years.

Good ideas are not the solutions. A good idea, research, workable plans and collaboration are some key concepts that were highlighted. A community that stands together and works together is a large part of the answer. Instead of complaining about a pitfall, instead ask how you can help to bridge the problem. In a way of speaking, if everyone puts down a brick, before long you have a wall. But if everyone just keeps complaining, a wall will probably never be built.

Chris Bosch concluded with a summarized explanation about the role that the condition and operation of the electricity distribution network of a town plays in a community. The necessity of the right technology, systems and planning was highlighted. The impact of uninterrupted power supply is obvious for businesses and industrial areas. And yes households are also feeling the impact of load shedding, especially when you think of the winter ahead.

It is clear that the challenges experienced in Mafube and its surroundings are not unique, and therefore it is essential to find solutions that can also be implemented elsewhere. But that's the beauty of the process, every problem creates the opportunity for innovation, new paths to be carved out and new treasures to be discovered.

If you or your business is not already a member, visit our MBF offices at Kerkstraat 18A Frankfort or email or WhatsApp message/call 079 145 4295. Visit our website and follow us on Facebook.

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