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Mafube Municipal Council under pressure?

Is it possible that pressure of a different kind against Mafube Local Municipality (Mafube) will increase, with a reasonable chance that the political party currently in power will lose their majority in the Council and thus their share in the lucrative industry to looting public funds through the irregular award of contracts?

It appears that the consultants and contractors who benefited from their dubious relationships with Mafube are also panicking and are now desperately trying to close their deals with the Board to ensure they receive their illegal fees before the possible change of administration.

Just one example of this is the 2-page advertisement that Mafube placed at high cost in the Frankfort Herald of September 23, probably sponsored by the consultants and / or the contractors, in which an attempt is made to convince residents of the benefits of their prepaid water meter project in an effort to circumvent the process of public participation, which has provoked so much anger among locals and business owners. The ad also does nothing to address the written concerns of residents, raised by Mafube Business Forum (MBF) in a number of letters to the municipality and in published media statements.

Let dat, waar 'n regsgeskil ingevolge artikel 102 van die Wet op Munisipale Stelsels bestaan, 'n munisipaliteit daarvan weerhou word om enige kredietbeheermaatreëls teen enige inwoner of onderneming in te stel totdat die geskil opgelos is en die water nie kan afsluit soos gedreig in die advertensie nie.

MBF has repeatedly questioned the following

• the procedures that are still followed;

• the priorities and selective approach by the municipality that clearly does not address the real needs or problems in the municipal areas;

• the failure of the municipality to promulgate a water by-law;

• the suitability of the prepaid water meters as installed;

• the municipality's ability to maintain prepaid systems; and

• the excessive cost of the project (R10 288,07 per meter).

MBF's view on this is shared by an authoritative study which concluded that “prepaid water systems are not a technical magic wand to solve underlying management issues in the supply of urban water supply. A service provider that lacks effective management and healthy customer relationships is likely to adopt far more than it can handle using prepaid systems.”

The prepaid / conventional option

The Mafube advertisement of 23 September 2021 states that "Residents will receive notices in which they can stipulate the option they will choose"

Although MBF has so far not seen such a notice, we have advised our members and those who have declared disputes against the municipality to give notice that they prefer conventional meters and to receive monthly bills.

MBF is happy to assist residents, business owners and taxpayers in this regard, who are welcome to visit our offices in 18A Church Street, on Mondays to Thursdays from 08h30 to 16h00 and Fridays from 08h30 to 12h30, or contact Marina on WhatsApp on 079 145 4295 Or send an email to

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