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Cornelia was for 30 days without water. The public meeting scheduled for 26 Sept was not attended by you and no apology has been received till date. The next week in Tweeling, the question regarding this specific situation could still not be discussed, because it was “..not the correct town…” for the discussion. Even in Villiers on 4 Oct, you would not answer to this horrendous situation.

Nevertheless, when this issue was raised again on 13 Oct at the meeting held in Frankfort, you disgarded it with “…no-one can survive without water for that long”! You insisted that 2 to 3 trucks deliver water to Cornelia every day. Supplying water to Cornelia should be as simple as opening a valve at the Frankfort Treatment plant. If anyone had bothered to investigate it would have been found that the supply to the electrically-actuated valve had been cut.

Have you done an investigation at the Frankfort Water Treatment Plant and what were your findings? What is the cost of delivering water by truck to Cornelia and who are benefiting from this?

P.S. A petition for clean running water in Cornelia with 500 signatures are available, but is also disregarded by MLM.

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