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The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa states that municipalities (local government) must, among other things, ensure that services are provided to communities on a sustainable basis.

  • What then is done if municipalities do not perform services as they are constitutionally obliged?

  • Can municipalities insist on payment of municipal bills if services are not delivered?

  • What steps can be taken by residents, businesses and taxpayers where service delivery is deficient?

These are some of the questions that consumers (residents, business owners and taxpayers) seek answers to when the subject of municipal service delivery is raised. South Africa's local government legislation is well written. Unfortunately, laws that apply to municipalities are not readily accessible to the community, and their interpretation is often difficult. The result is that few consumers are fully aware of their rights, privileges and responsibilities as citizens of our country. However, good communication in this regard is needed from the municipal offices.

Guide as a source of advice

Keeping the above mentioned in mind, Mafube Business Forum (MBF) has identified a need for an information guide that can be made available to all consumers, to help them make the right decisions. The guide focuses on some aspects of service delivery, and the different ways in which municipalities can provide it in an affordable way. It is very important to understand the services that are available, the ways in which services are to be delivered, versus the realities of service delivery that our community faces.

The guide also points to the role citizens can play. Guidelines regarding the assurance and enforceability of the delivery of municipal services are discussed, as well as the way in which they can be provided. Guidance is given in an understandable way, with easy steps to follow, if citizens want to raise a dispute. The various items that apply are explained.

The guide is available from 10 February 2023 at MBF's office, or can be requested electronically by email at or can be downloaded from the MBF website

Download guide here:

Guide to declaring dispute 2023_ForWeb
Download PDF • 3.37MB

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