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The Frankfort / Tweelingroad - dangerous for road users

"Enough is enough!" "Ons is Gatvol!" This is what communities had to say on Tuesday morning, November 16, when the community of Tweeling and Mafahlaneng, organized labor, the Mafube Business Forum (MBF), the Mafube Taxi Association and District Agricultural Union, all came together to protest against the weak condition of the R26 provincial route between Gemini and Frankfort. The project of more than R177 million to rehabilitate the road started during 2019, but was abandoned for some inexplicable reason when the contractor opted out of the site more than a year ago. The road is currently in a shocking state and users are faced with a jumble of half-finished parts, potholes, piles of dumped material, thick gravel, rocks and heavily eroded bypasses on either side of the original road. It is unsafe for any form of traffic and almost impassable for light motor vehicles. In a memorandum addressed to Mr. Isaac Radebe, Director handed over to the Premier's office, MBF expressed concern about road users having to travel regularly along this route, which clearly poses a significant danger to vehicle occupants - including school children, local or international tourists, health services ; and police, fire or ambulance responding to emergencies. Memoranda was also sent on behalf of the 4 other organizations to Mr. Radebe handed over, insisting on a response within 7 days to address the following: • To prioritize this section of the road for the immediate appointment of a competent contractor to carry out the necessary repairs, to eliminate all dangers and to resume the rehabilitation of this section of the R26 regional route. • To conduct a forensic investigation to determine the factors contributing to the current condition of the road. • Where justified, to take disciplinary action and / or criminal charges brought against those who are negligent or corrupt and endanger the lives of road users. It has been made clear by all 5 community organizations that failure of the Free State or National Roads Authorities to respond satisfactorily to this urgent matter will result in more drastic protests and / or legal action. MBF recommends that this route be avoided and where it is unavoidable, to be extremely careful. The full memoranda will be published on MBF's Facebook page and the public will be constantly informed about the repair of this road. Residents, business owners and taxpayers are welcome to visit our offices at 18A Church Street during our business hours, on Mondays to Thursdays from 08h30 to 16h00 and Fridays from 08h30 to 12h30, or contact Marina on WhatsApp on 079 145 4295. Or send a email to

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