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Today marks the beginning of revival for Mafube

A frustrated public and struggling economy is the order of the day for Mafube residents. Water and sanitation, general infrastructure maintenance and basic service delivery are just some of the commitments that cannot be delivered by the Mafube Local Municipality (Mafube).

Following the Supreme Court ruling, significant changes are expected in Mafube.

A few members of Mafube Business Forum's (MBF) management team met on Friday morning 13 May 2022 with Mafube's top structure.

During the meeting, options were discussed to improve Mafube's financial situation in a sustainable fashion, in order to deliver basic services and meet other obligations. Both Mafube and MBF are excited about this positive move. Follow-up meetings have already been scheduled. Both parties have undertaken to prioritize the matter and bring about implementation of plans as soon as possible.

Pictured: Front: Jannie Schabort (MBF Chairperson), Lesole Josie Ralebenya (Mafube Municipal Manager) Isaac Ngozo (Mafube Director Corporate Services) Agter: Hans Pretorius (Portfolio Manager Infrastructure) en Abram Mgcina (Mafube Chief Financial Officer). Inset: Jacques Jansen van Vuuren (MBF Liaison Officer)

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