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Mafube has a big problem on its hands, because municipal service delivery is not up to standard, even if the municipality is obliged by the constitution to provide acceptable services at the local level. However, by simply ignoring the payment of your municipal accounts out of spite or frustration is against the law. Rather stay within the bounds of the law and declare a legal and valid dispute.

As stipulated in Section 102 (2) of the Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000, amended in 2022 you may declare a dispute against the municipality. Many residents and business owners have already done so. MBF would like to encourage you to check and update it, to protect your case, in case the situation has changed in the meantime.

Mafube Business Forum (MBF) is aware that Mafube Local Municipality (MPM) is currently, under the leadership of the Administrator and a team from the provincial treasury engaged in a new collection campaign. It appears that businesses and even schools in particular will now be targeted with threats and intimidation tactics in an attempt to convince them to make payments to the municipality. There against, no undertakings are made by the municipality and intervention team to improve service delivery as ordered by the court.

MBF is in constant discussion with our legal team and will at all times act responsibly, within the framework of the law, in the interest of the entire Mafube community. MBF's position regarding the following has never changed and we still insist:

1. Amnesty on old municipal debt; 2. cost effective systems; 3. corruption-free financial management; and 4. public participation.

MBF is insisting on total amnesty, but because the outcome of a court case is never 100% certain, the community is encouraged to protect themselves by still providing for the payment of monthly municipal bills, by keeping that amount in their own savings accounts.

Should you not agree with amounts demanded by the municipality you are welcome to approach MBF for assistance regarding the declaration of disputes.

If you already have a dispute in place and your situation may have changed, encourage you to check and update your dispute, to protect you, in case the situation has changed in the meantime.

MBF's office will be closed from 19 December 2022 to 3 January 2023 for the Festival Season. In an emergency, Jacques Jansen van Vuuren will be available on 083 456 3252. #mbf #mafubebusinessforum #mafubebesigheidsforum #mafube #freestate #vrystaat #municipalities #municipality #munisipaliteit

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