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Did you know you can participate in the government's decision-making? Not only during elections, but also on an ongoing basis. South Africa has a participatory democracy, therefore laws passed without public participation are invalid.


Public participation in the government's decision-making is very important, because their choices can have a direct and significant impact on your life.


Why public participation in South African law-making process is essential 


Public participation in government is very important and necessary to make sure that you can influence decisions made by government that will impact on your life.

South Africa's Constitution requires that Parliament, Legislatures and municipal councils provide a forum for the public consideration of issues and that they must:

  • receive petitions, complaints and disputes

  • facilitate public involvement in their legislative and other processes, and

  • conduct matters in a transparent open manner.

It's at the local level where we experience the direct effect of political decisions and we normally engage with our local municipalities in decisions that impact on our environment and community on a regular basis.

Our constitution is seen as the most progressive in the world. It even makes provision for public participation. In chapter 7 section 152, it's stated that the objectives of local government are:

  • to provide democratic and accountable government for local communities,

  • to ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner,

  • to promote social and economic development,

  • to promote a safe and healthy environment, and

  • to encourage the involvement of communities and community organisations in the matters of local government.

A healthy democracy needs the involvement of the public in government decision-making that affects their lives. Remember that you can give input on proposed laws and by-laws on national, provincial and local level. You can get involved in government decisions and help you to keep government accountable.


Yes, your voice can be heard


There are a variety of ways in which you can voice your opinion and actively promote the type of society you want to live in and pass on to future generations. MBF invites residents, business owners and taxpayers to visit our offices at 18A Church Street, Frankfort on Mondays to Thursdays from 08h30 to 16h00 and Fridays 08h30 to 12h00. Call or send a WhatsApp message to Marina on 079 145 4295. Visit our website and follow us on Facebook.


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