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Small Town Regeneration – where to start?

Regeneration is a process of ‘creating again’, and in this context it is the recreation of small towns in the form of inner upgrade and renewal. It is the facelift of the small town. This process is described as an intervention aimed at the revitalisation of declining local economies of the 4 small towns of Mafube, Cornelia, Frankfort, Tweeling and Villiers. This is done through a coherent, integrated and co-ordinated programme approach. The four main pillars for Frankfort to achieve Small Town Regeneration (STR), are identified as: • Socio-Economic Infrastructure Improvement and Development; • Beautification and Environmental Management; • Local Economic Development and Anti-Poverty Programme; and • Tourism, Heritage and Marketing.

Mafube Business Forum (MBF) see these 4 pillars as being equally important, each interdependent and in harmony, to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. Each of the STR pillars are built up from smaller segments - tasks or projects to be initiated, undertaken, completed and assessed. MBF are pleased that after nearly 4 years of ceaseless effort, with much resources and energy expended, progress has been made to put our community and our towns on the road to recovery. One of the most important functions of local government is waste management which, when properly executed, can contribute to strengthening each one of the 4 pillars. In the Mafube region this is totally neglected to the point of being non-existent which has a pronounced negative effect on, not only our environment but more importantly, the health and well-being of our community. In light thereof, MBF together with our strategic partners, will prioritise waste management and have written to the Fezile Dabi District Municipality as well as the national Department of Environmental Affairs, requesting the following actions: (1) That a professional environmental consultant with a background in waste management be appointed, in order to assist MLM and FDDM with the drafting of a comprehensive waste management strategy for the entire Mafube municipal area; (2) that an alternative landfill site be identified which would suit the needs of the Frankfort (including Namahadi) community and satisfy the environmental aspects of site selection. This site should then be properly fenced off and equiped with the requisite heavy machinery and trained personnel to manage and maintain the site, and allow for community involvement in recycling processes; (3) that the existing, in our view unlicensed and illegal, landfill site, presents a risk to health and the environment, and must be remediated urgently; (4) that the Frankfort landfill site be closed without delay, in order to adress the issues described above; and (5) that the existing site should be rehabilitated in accordance with legislated procedures.

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