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Water quality in Frankfort drastically improved

Independent laboratory test results confirmed that the water quality in Frankfort has improved drastically since 15 March after AfriForum warned the Mafube Local Municipality to address the water crisis within 24 hours. On March 28, the laboratory confirmed that there is now no E.coli or any fecal coliform in the water but the results of the diesel content in the water are still outstanding. Mafube Business Forum assisted AfriForum in these test, and will continue to monitor the quality of water in the Mafube region.

AfriForum's District Coordinator for the Highlands Region, Chris Morgan, wrote the letter to the municipality and monitored the situation. "It is disappointing that the Mafube Local Municipality must first be put under pressure before they fulfill their duty to the residents of Frankfort. Nevertheless, residents should still be careful when drinking the water until we have received results on its possible diesel content. ”

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