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What's going on with the water in Frankfort?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

If water does not run down the streets, the water that comes out of taps is murky and tastes of mud. These photos were taken on different dates at various addresses in Frankfort. It appears if residents will have to live with this for a while still…

An independent investigation team reported that the water appear muddy due to brok

en pipes. It was also found that there are several problems with the water purification works that can mostly be attributed to poor maintenance and poor management. Some of the items described as worrying:

1. The sediment in clarifiers can not be drained.

2. This causes filters to flow from the flocculant to the sand.

Not all sand filters are in operation, and the few that do work, do not function properly. This causes the water to take on a muddy color.

4. The stirring mechanism of the purifiers is out of order and therefore proper flocculation cannot take place.

5. Chlorine is not dosed effectively and is therefore wasted.

6. The quality and safety of the final product from the treatment plant do not meet prescribed standards. Test results are awaited.

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